Open Angler UI/UX Design

The Airbnb for Fish Hunters

The Client

Open Angler saw the need for a marketplace where fishing enthusiasts could connect with boat captains and tour guides for their great adventures and jumped right into the water.


Open Angler had a couple 100 clients but their website was difficult to use for both captains and customers, so they hired me to redesign the front-end and streamline their back-end to increase conversion rates and search results.


Open Angler was already structured like Airbnb’s marketplace, but really needed some UX improvements and a full UI overhaul to bring it to life. My first step was to create wireframes that incorporated more ratings and reviews, fixed issues with search, incorporated maps and visual imagery and new landing pages designed to capture more search traffic. Next, we refined their style guide to add more engaging colors for calls to action, improved spacing and clearer copy and I created mobile responsive designs for their developers to work from. Finally, we rehabbed the back-end system where charter boat companies managed their listings to increase adoption and smooth some major pain points related to multiple listings, geo-location and more.

Contribution & Deliverables

UX Audit - Style Guide Update - UI Design - Information Architecture - Mockups - Wireframes - Sitemaps - Prototypes - Style Guide - Responsive Design - SEO - Copywriting

The result

We designed a new platform optimized for conversion and traffic, just in time for them to catch a round of funding. Unfortunately, the startup never found product market fit and was closed a few years ago.

What’s next?

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